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thin-wall Stainless steel drinking water pipe In the use of tap water supply, it has the advantages of safety and sanitation, no scale, long service life, 100% recovery of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and drawing resistance. The main reason is that the chromium element of stainless steel can form chromium oxide protective film on the surface under aerobic environment, which can regenerate rapidly even if it is damaged by machinery.

Sanitation: the inner wall is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to scale in long-term use, which fully meets the drinking water hygiene standard.
Corrosion resistance: the pipe is solid solution treated and its surface is acid washed and passivated, which is durable. Adding insulation layer or anti-corrosion layer has better anti-corrosion effect.
High strength: the comprehensive strength is 2 times of galvanized pipe and 3 times of copper pipe, which can withstand 10MPa water pressure.
Light weight: the weight is 1 / 3 of the galvanized pipe, especially suitable for high-rise building piping.
Low conductivity: low heat conduction, 1 / 4 of copper tube, low thermal expansion rate.
Environmental protection: the construction site has no pollutants, does not pollute the environment, and can be recycled 100%.
Long life: the service life is up to 70 years, which is synchronous with the building life. It needs no replacement and maintenance for life, and the maintenance cost is low.
Saving: not easy to leak, saving water resources.

Beautiful: high grade and generous, the pipeline can be installed in the open. Add insulation layer or anti-corrosion layer, corrosion resistance can have different colors.

 Stainless steel pipe for drinking water (Fig. 1)

Connection mode of stainless steel drinking water pipe:

There are many kinds of connection ways of stainless steel water supply pipe. The common types of pipe fittings are compression type, clamping type, clamp type, union type flange connection, socket welding type, traditional welding type, screw thread and so on. But which connection is more suitable? The following from the cost, construction and reliability to analyze the performance of these connections.
1   Welding type
Welding connection is the best way of sealing and stability, but the welding of stainless steel drinking water pipe has its unique characteristics. To implement different welding methods and welding rods of different materials for different stainless steel materials, stainless steel welding rods must be selected according to the base metal and working conditions (including working temperature and contact medium), Only in this way can the expected welding quality be achieved. At the same time, welding construction technology The requirements are very high. Nitrogen should be used for protection during welding. After welding, the welding seam should be protected. Otherwise, it is easy to cause leakage of stainless steel welding interface, such as welding leakage, intergranular corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking. The welding connection mode not only requires stainless steel pipes and fittings with high cost and pipe wall thickness, but also the argon arc welding speed is not high, so the construction speed of the whole pipeline system is slow, difficult and the overall price is high.
2、 Compression type
Thin wall stainless steel compression type is generally divided into single compression, double compression and ring compression. At present, the best crimping structure in the world is double clamping structure, which abandons screw thread, welding, bonding and fusion welding, and has the advantages of fast and convenient construction, safety and reliability, and strong corrosion resistance of pipeline. The O-type silica gel sealing ring is installed in the pipe fitting of double clamping pressure connection, which plays the role of water stop. Because the sealing ring is hidden in the groove, it is not easy to loose, and the construction is simple and reliable. In general, the double card press can meet the needs of different customers no matter in terms of hygiene level, connection strength and reasonable price, which is the preferred connection mode for home decoration.
3、 Compression type
The connection mode of compression type pipe fitting is similar to that of screw fastener connection, so the installation and disassembly of the whole pipeline are relatively convenient. However, it is different from the screw fastener because it is also sealed by the O-shaped rubber sealing ring. At the same time, the pipe fittings play a very important role in the connection, fastening and sealing between the pipe ends. Therefore, the performance and precision of the pipe fittings are required to be relatively high. At the same time, the outer diameter of the threaded pipe fittings is wide and the weight is measured, The overall cost and price of the whole compression connection pipeline system is relatively high.
4、 Comprehensive comparison table of three connection modes
Connection mode
Bear Pull
Pullout force
seal up
Required thickness of pipes and fittings
Overall price
Welding type
Compression type
Compression type
The pipe is thin
Pipe thickness

To sum up, the connection mode of double clamping pressure is recommended.

Our company has the approval of drinking water hygiene level, which can supply stainless steel drinking water pipe, drinking water stainless steel seamless steel pipe and Stainless steel welded pipe

 Stainless steel seamless pipe is a kind of long pipe with hollow section and no joint around (Fig. 1)

Stainless steel drinking water pipe

 Stainless steel seamless pipe is a kind of long pipe with hollow section and no joint around (Fig. 2)

Stainless steel drinking water pipe

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