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How to solve the scaling problem of stainless steel seamless pipe? :2021-05-26 10:49:17

   Stainless steel seamless pipe We are all familiar with it, but in the long-term application, stainless steel seamless pipe will get dirt. What should we do? Many people have not mastered the professional knowledge and operation steps of these aspects. In order to help everyone to have a stronger practical operation, the following is a detailed introduction to them. The general methods are as follows:

 How to solve the scaling problem of stainless steel seamless pipe( Figure 1)

Stainless steel seamless pipe

Washing: before pickling, open type flushing shall be carried out to stainless steel seamless pipe to make the heat exchanger free of sludge, scale and other residues. In this way, the actual effect of pickling can be improved and the acid consumption of pickling can be reduced. Pour the cleaning liquid into the cleaning machine, and then lead it into the pipe. Pickling: soak the static data of stainless steel seamless pipe filled with acid solution for 1 h, and then continuously circulate the system for 3-4 h. during this period, the front and back sides are cleaned up every 0.5 H.

After pickling, if the pH value of the acid solution exceeds 2, the acid solution can be reused for many times. Otherwise, the dilute solution of acid washing solution should be put into the back seat. Alkali washing: after acid pickling, NaOH, na3p04 and softened water treatment shall be configured according to a certain proportion, and the method of dynamic circulation system shall be used to carry out alkali washing, so as to achieve acid-base neutralization and prevent the plate from being eroded again.

Water cleaning: after alkali washing, clean softened water shall be used for treatment, and continuous flushing shall be carried out for 0.5h to clean the sediment in stainless steel seamless pipe. Record: during the whole cleaning process, the time of each process should be strictly recorded to check the actual effect of cleaning. Stainless steel seamless pipe in the daily application, we must carefully grasp the actual operation and maintenance process of the product.

Timely maintenance and maintenance of the product can ensure the reliability of the daily application of the product. When this kind of product has dirt, we can carry out specific practical application according to the content of the original text. The article comes from the network. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us for deletion.

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