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Control points of stainless steel seamless pipe :2021-05-23 10:41:55

   Stainless steel seamless pipe It is widely used in natural environment pipeline system software with high pressure, ultra-low temperature and corrosion resistance. Physical properties, service performance and corrosion resistance are the three key indicators to consider the quality of steel pipe, and also the key to ensure the safety of the ship sailing. In the specific use of the ship, a stainless steel chemical vessel found a leak in the main deck cargo pipeline system software after the first voyage.

 Control points of stainless steel seamless pipe (Fig. 1)

Stainless steel seamless pipe

After stability testing, leakage was found in more than 10 similar holes.   In the whole manufacturing process of the oil storage tank, many problems about the surface quality of the tank around the pipe were found, including the crevice corrosion and surface crack on the inner cavity. The raw materials used in the production and manufacture of stainless steel seamless pipe are mainly rolled round pipe stock and rolled round steel. To ensure the quality of slab is the beginning to ensure the quality of steel pipe.

It mainly includes the whole process of ironmaking level, pouring and refrigeration and its molding. The first is to raise the level of ironmaking. It is necessary to reduce the harmful elements and vapors, improve the symmetry and purity of the components, reduce the non-metallic material parameters of the two-phase stainless steel seamless pipe, and change its distribution method.


Stainless steel pipe spot trading, stainless steel environmental sanitation pipe manufacturers tell you that when the composition of stainless steel seamless pipe slab is uneven and serious shrinkage porosity occurs, the rolled steel pipe will show a relatively serious strip structure, thus reducing the physical properties and corrosion energy of the steel pipe, even not passing the standard. Non metallic materials can be restrained into flakes, which will not only harm the characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe, but also cause the steel pipe to crack in the production process.


Secondly, the whole process of pouring and cooling should be improved to reduce the blisters, cracks, porosity and shrinkage pores of subcutaneous tissue. Stainless steel welded pipe can not be ignored, because of this defect, it is likely to cause defects in the whole process of hole breaking and rolling, and some shortcomings have been applied. The later enlargement reduces the service life of the goods.

In severe cases, the intermediate goods will be damaged immediately, such as retracting inward. In addition, the appearance error of stainless steel seamless tube blank, such as parallelism, diameter and ovality, will immediately damage the quality of the hole and cause the quality of waste pipe. The article comes from the network. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us for deletion.

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