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How to clean 201 stainless steel pipe? :2021-05-20 10:30:44

stay 201 stainless steel pipe During the whole process of product application, it is sometimes found that the surface of commodity is easy to rust after cleaning, which is actually caused by unreasonable cleaning process. How to clean 201 stainless steel pipe to prevent corrosion? The chemical composition of 201 stainless steel pipe mechanism is quite different from that of 304 stainless steel pipe because of its low chromium content.

 How to clean 201 stainless steel pipe( Figure 1)

201 stainless steel pipe

The direct reason why stainless steel plate is not easy to rust is that chromium rich oxide film with thin and high density is produced by oxidation of chromium element on the surface of stainless steel plate. Its function is to prevent the stainless steel plate substrate from contacting with environmental factors and prevent oxygen molecules from penetrating into the substrate again and oxidize.


From the composition point of view, the actual maintenance effect of the oxide film produced on the surface of 201 stainless steel pipe is worse than that of 304 stainless steel pipe due to its less chromium content. If some kind of elements destroy the oxide film, the damage is very easy to touch and reflect with the outside world and produce iron oxide, which will continuously lead to corrosion of 201 stainless steel plate substrate.


In many cases, when cleaning, only pay attention to whether the clean oil stains are eliminated. However, the general stainless steel plate cleaning agent has partial alkali. If the immersion is not complete, the alkaline component in the cleaning agent will be micro particles and remain on the surface of 201 stainless steel pipe. In the past cleaning is not easy to rust, and eye inspection is also very clean. However, after 5 to 10 days of storage, this alkalescent composition will destroy the protective coating on the surface of 201 stainless steel pipe and cause rust.


If there are two components of acid and alkali in the cleaning agent, the film on the surface of all stainless steel pipes will be damaged or more and more uneven, intermittent cracking. As a result, it will cause oxidation and corrosion quickly after cleaning. In addition, although neutral cleaning agent is not easy to cause corrosion damage to 201 stainless steel pipe, it is necessary to pay attention to all kinds of reactions caused by residues, so it is necessary to clean completely during immersion. The article comes from the network. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us for deletion.

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