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Zhejiang Yihong stainless steel pipeline equipment Co., Ltd! EN

Sales philosophy

Adhere to small profits and more sales, adhere to do more repeat business, adhere to the product value concept of good quality and low price.

Talent concept

To sum up, we should respect, cultivate and promote talents.

What kind of person is in line with the current social development and the future development of enterprises? I think he should have the following qualities:

First, healthy personality. This statement may be more metaphysical. To put it simply, we should have principles, clear standards of right and wrong, good and evil, strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.

Second, higher creativity. He must have a sense of innovation, have a unique perspective, have creative impulse, have the spirit of seeking differences and dare to doubt.

Third, initiative. They have a high degree of subjective initiative, a sense of self-improvement and self-development, Less dependence.

Fourth, extensive knowledge. At present, enterprises pay attention to talents with compound knowledge structure, which can ensure that talents have migratory thinking.

 Corporate culture (Figure 1)
 Corporate culture (Figure 2)

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