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Zhejiang Yihong stainless steel pipeline equipment Co., Ltd! EN

Stainless steel mirror tube yes Stainless steel pipe The reason why it is called as stainless steel mirror tube is that its surface roughness level is very high, and the surface quality level can reach "8K", which is as bright as a mirror, so it is called stainless steel mirror tube.

Stainless steel mirror tube material is also stainless steel, it is a stainless steel pipe, after many different processes of polishing, to achieve 8K surface quality, known as mirror tube.

Stainless steel tubes are mainly made of austenitic stainless steel, and the common ones are 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, etc. stainless steel mirror tubes are processed by these stainless steel tubes polishing But becomes, the processing craft is generally passes through the mechanical polishing or the bright annealing processing.

Mirror stainless steel tube is divided into seamless stainless steel bright annealing tube and welded bright annealing tube, seamless is generally used in medical, aviation, sensor, nuclear power instrument, etc. Welding is generally used for decoration. Stainless steel mirror tube is mostly used in oil pipe of power plant, such as EH oil pipe of steam turbine.

Classification of common mirrors

Common mirror stainless steel can be divided into 6K, 8K and 10K. General polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super fine grinding 10K effect. The same thickness of the general no big difference, 10K mirror is brighter, the thicker the thickness, the worse the effect, the higher the processing cost.

Stainless steel mirror tube The product pictures are as follows:

 Stainless steel mirror tube (Fig. 1)

 Stainless steel mirror tube (Fig. 2)

304 stainless steel mirror tube

 Stainless steel mirror tube (Fig. 3)

Stainless steel mirror tube

 Stainless steel mirror tube (Fig. 4)

Stainless steel tube polishing

 Stainless steel mirror tube (Fig. 5)

Stainless steel mirror tube wooden box packing

 Stainless steel mirror tube (Fig. 5)

Mirror stainless steel tube

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